Theme change

Have changed the theme of the site as there were problems with losing the sidebar on the old one whenever you selected a previous post. According to those nice people at WordPress it's an idiosyncrasy of that particular theme.

Didn't like it – changed it!


3 Responses to Theme change

  1. Elliott says:

    Like the new theme, very clean and easy on the eye.

  2. Stumo says:

    Hi, like what I see so far. Can I suggest 2 things:

    – Put a link to your RSS feed somewhere (it’s – it may also be called an XML feed)

    – Provide some way of people contacting you privately.

  3. Merys Jones says:

    Must say I love the blog, and I will be adding it to my links.
    While I’ve been out observing I’ve only ever come across two ECPs – one working as an ECP and one on a regular ambulance. I have to say I wasn’t terribly impressed with the latter. Apparently he had x-ray vision, and had decided that he wasn’t taking the patient to hospital within 30 seconds. The RRU paramedic had different ideas, and he won!

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