Cheryl Moss

Our thoughts today are with the family, friends and colleagues of Cheryl Moss.

Cheryl was a nurse at St Georges Hospital in Hornchurch, East London and was stabbed to death yesterday, in an apparent frenzied attack, whilst on a break at work. No details have been released so far and it is unclear what the motive might be behind this most heinous of crimes.

It is interesting that the press (BBC, Telegraph) are saying that the Metropolitan Police have discounted the possibility that it was a patient who attacked Mrs Moss. This rather suggests that initial assumptions were that she was murdered because of her work. Not withstanding this, nursing unions have been quick to call for a public inquiry and are making a positive link between Cheryl’s death and her profession. Whilst I abhor any attack on my colleagues in the National Health Service we need to establish the facts before issuing such bold statements in a knee jerk reaction to this horrific event.

In a civilised society every member has the right to go about his or her daily business without fear of attack regardless of their race, religion, profession or any other characteristic. Sadly, we may discover that Mrs Moss was regrettably in the wrong place at the wrong time and the fact that she was a nurse may prove to be completely irrelevant.

Whatever the circumstances, let us hope that the Metropolitan Police are able to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice as swiftly as possible.


4 Responses to Cheryl Moss

  1. Boolie says:

    I used to work at St Georges. I can understand the comment about it not being a patient, as it is a geriatric long stay unit. However, there is a small psychiatric day unit – not that I would dare to jump to conclusions. It is in the middle of nowhere, right next to a Country Park , next to the old Hornchurch airfield. In Winter it is a desolate place, and is particularly difficult to get to on public transport. Makes you wonder if it was an opportunist theft gone wrong?

  2. Dave M says:

    It so sad. My thoughts go out to her husband and family.

  3. Dogsbody says:

    Any attack is horrible and the people who commit them deserve to be locked up for a very long time – but to attack somebody who has dedicated their lives to helping others is utterly disgusting.
    It is not right that Ambulance Staff are now getting issued with Stab Vests – they should not have to fear getting attacked while they are saving lives.
    As a Police Officer I have attended countless incidents where Ambulance Crews have requested our assistance as their patients are violent.
    Magwitch – Do Ambulance Control have a system that allows you to flag up potentially dangerous addresses? I know where I am based our CAD system allows us to add tags and we have access to “Previous Calls” which will show us at a glance what we are likely to face whe we arrive.
    Sorry, i’ve rambled on a bit!

  4. Ted says:

    Surely it serves a purpose greater than paying your taxes.

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