Candy Man

Had hoped to post this last night but there was essential maintenance work going on at WordPress. No complaints. They do a fantastic job and all for free – don’t knock it.

Happy Easter

Been a steady day today. Started off with a dead ‘un – stiff as a board. Then it was mostly GP Out of Hours calls or referrals from my colleagues on the ambulances. Today I was the Candy Man, dishing out ‘sweeties’ from the ECP drug bag, bit like the Easter Bunny handing out Easter Eggs. It was quite unusual for me as I don’t often administer our ECP medication: some diazepam for neck spasm, diclofenac for pain and inflammation, various antibiotics for chest infections and some prophylaxis erythromycin for a lovely ‘burst’ leg abscess. It was oozing beautifully – loadsa white pus (yuk!!). That was a first for me. Even though it was a 999 call I’ve never had to deal with a ruptured abscess before. “Didn’t teach us about that in training school.” Had to call the OOH doctor and ask what to do.

Got a few days off now before I start back on nights again.


Today’s award for the biggest arsehole on the road goes to the driver of the ‘electric’ blue VW golf, registration S6 CAM; trying to overtake a queue of about 20 cars traveling down a winding country road. “You nearly caused two head-on collisions that I saw.” Only got two ahead of me, with at least ten to go, before we all got stuck behind a coach, crawling along at 30 mph. “Bet that really pissed you off.”

“Oh, and by the way. You know those funny plastic things on the front and back? They’re called lights. You’ll probably find a switch on the dashboard that turns them on. It’s considered good form in the motoring world to have your lights on when it’s dark and raining. Helps other people see you, if nothing else.”



4 Responses to Candy Man

  1. Ken says:

    Glad your back, your blog has become essential reading:) Strange most people who drive Golfs tend to be nice people, myself included.

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