The Last Post (Revisited)

Now then, where was I? When I last posted, your intrepid ECP was wrestling with the black dog. Seems his bark was worse than his bite.

A very soppy black dog

A very soppy black dog

My handing-in of a resignation was enough to get some management to sit up and take (a bit) of notice. We talked; I saw the occy health doc; I saw my own doc; we talked some more; came up with a few alternatives, none of which management seemed to want to do anything about. In the end I had a short time off work to get my head back together and started back on the happy pills. Judging by some of the comments I got to The Last Post, there was a small group of readers from the “stop winging and get on with it brigade”. They’ve probably never suffered from depression but they’re entitled to their opinions just as I’m entitled to live my life my way. Anyway, things are pretty much back to normal. I’m still running around as an ECP and I’ve still NFI what I’m doing; but I’m back having fun doing it all the same.

The only real change there’s been is that I’ve now transferred to a different division within the county. The local PCT decided to withdraw the funding for the ECP car I worked on, so the three full time staff seconded to that vehicle have been redeployed. I’m now based in a part of the county where I’ve never worked before so it’s fun getting lost again, even with Doris’s help. Ironically, the local rag ran an article in which the head of the local PCT extolled the virtues of our out-of-hours service, on the very week that we heard they’d decided to ditch the staff who operated the service; i.e. Magwitch and his colleagues. Thanks for the vote of confidence gov!

So, for the last two weeks I’ve been running around as an extra ‘resource’ (I am not a resource, I’m a free man!!) while we all get used to the new AMPDS – Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System (blimey an acronym with more than three letters – must be good. Actually it’s sh*t according to everyone I’ve spoken to in Control). They use it in London – Nee Naw posted an article about it.

Hopefully I’ll be back to writing as before. Still a number of old articles to post plus some fun and games from the last few months.

Stay tuned – add my RSS feed back into your favourites list!


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