You Called Me For This??? (1)

*Bus Stop Excitement

John Robertson at I Like Curry recently blogged about the time he was asked what his “Least Worthy Job” was. In response, Tom Reynolds (he of “Blood Sweat and Tea” fame) at Random Reality offered a little tale of his own. So today I thought I’d join in. Although I’ve got quite a list of “you called us for this???” type calls, one of Tom’s readers, Yiota, reminded me of a incident late one evening…….

The location was a bus stop in a residential area just a short distance from the local shops. The evening was overcast and the sodium street lights cast an eerie yellow glow over the surroundings. A person out walking their dog noticed a young man slumped over in the bus shelter. There was a darkish pool of what they took to be blood puddling out from under his head. Fearing the worst, they hurried home and dialed 999.

My colleague and I screeched up to the bus stop and I wandered into the shelter to find the gentleman, on his side, looking quite calm and peaceful. Sure enough, there was a large dark puddle lapping around his head. I give his foot a gentle prod with my boot.

“Hello mate”
He stirred. Opened one eye, then the other.“Wadya want?”
“You OK?”
“Yeah, leave me alone!”
“Why are you lying here then?”
“I’m waiting for the bus”
“You’re not hurt then?”
“No, I told you, I’m waiting for the bus”
“Do you usually lie on the ground at bus stops then?”
“Nah. I just had a few drinks, I’m tired that’s all. Leave me alone”
“OK, so what’s that pool of blood by your head then?”

He heaved himself up into a sitting position to reveal a brown paper bag, with a couple of takeaway cartons inside, propped against the wall behind him. Next to it was an empty polystyrene cup on it’s side. He looked at the pool, then at the bag, then at the pool again.

“Ah sh*t! That’s my sweet and sour sauce!”

Another life saved then!

*Picture from Riverview


3 Responses to You Called Me For This??? (1)

  1. caramaena says:

    Magwitch, I’ve just discovered you’re back. I’m so glad to hear that things are on the up for you, and that you’re fending off that black dog.

    I’ll add your link to my blogroll again 🙂

  2. steve says:

    How about this one. Two of my crew mate in an ambulances were called to go back to the local A&E to pick up some traineres that a women patirnt had left there… The crew refused to go. .

  3. steve says:

    Oops! sorry about spelling mistakes above. My fingers are too big for this bloody keyboard.

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