Banksy Strikes Again!

“If you want and audience – start a fight” Banksy

Maybe its because I don’t live in London any more; or maybe its because I’ve been living on another planet but Banksy has rather passed me by – and I’m pissed off – ’cause he’s so funny.

He started off as a graffiti artist, moved on to creating ‘subverted’ versions of classic paintings and has lately moved on to high profile stunts. His latest being to plant 500 Banksy versions of the new Paris Hilton CD in 48 record shops around the UK.

Here’s a couple of my favourite Banksys

Anti-climb paint


Visit his web-site and then tell me you didn’t laugh out loud!


Banksy’s offical web-site

Art of the State’s Banksy Gallery

Got your own personal photos of Banksy graffiti? Why not share them on the Banksy pool at Flickr


2 Responses to Banksy Strikes Again!

  1. Marcello says:

    now let’s just see how much will it take until some of those CDs show up on ebay at 500£ apiece…


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