Let’s Score !!!

Dream Theater – Score – Out Today

No we’re not going to talk about scoring (drugs) but score (as in old English: 20).

More off topic stuff, but you folks need to be informed about one of the world’s most amazing bands! Dream Theater

The boys from New Jersey celebrated 20 years in the business this year and Score is a live recording of their final gig on the anniversary tour. Recorded at the Radio City Music Hall in New York and featuring a full orchestra; its 3 awe inspiring hours of adrenline rushing pyrotechnics from 5 of the most talented muscians around. My copy arrived this morning.

What are they like? Rather depends on your point of view. Take the pounding hard rock of Iron Maiden and Rush coupled with the lush musical soundscapes of Pink Floyd, throw in some soft ballads and a touch of jazz and classical, and blast it out at full volume. These guys are not afraid of going out on a limb; what other band can you think of that write songs about stem cell research, the Twin Towers, mental illness, 1920s murder/mystery and can still produce straight-down-the-line rock and roll with a cracking good riff?

You get the full version of their suite “Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance” (with orchestra) and the incomparable “Octavarium” – all 26 minutes of it!

More great, live photos from Hecgo.com

Just for once, forget Kasabian and the Arctic Monkeys, give these guys a listen and give your ears a real treat.

P.S. The DVD version should land on my mat tomorrow. Awesome!!


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