Set Your Video

More exciting action on the box.

Anglia TV are back with another series of 999 Frontline. More exciting adventures of the emergency services. On Thursday 14th September at 11pm the programme will feature a paramedic crew from Harlow in Essex.

Usually these programmes track a working day of the ‘usual suspects’. I guess certain types of characters are drawn to having a camera follow them about for a shift; one of the classics being a paramedic on an RRV who said to camera “this is better than having sex!” No it isn’t! Let’s get back to reality here. This particular episode should do just that. I was surprised to find that this episode features NP and his crewmate CW. I know NP and I would say he is one of the best paramedics around and is a terrific guy to boot; certainly not one of the usual suspects. He sets a standard that most of us should be aspiring to – I hope it comes across in the programme.

For anyone who’s seriously considering a career as a paramedic this should be compulsory viewing. Harlow is a great area for getting a wide variety of jobs and is an excellent patch for new EMTs to ‘cut their teeth’. The cameras followed the crew for 3 shifts, covering a full 24 hour period. Of course with programmes like this you can never predict what events will happen but I’m hopeful it will give a more realistic view of the type of work we do than some other programmes have done.

Get that video (or recordable DVD for you posh types) programmed. Anglia TV (maybe other regions as well) Thursday 14th September 2006 @ 23:00


One Response to Set Your Video

  1. Carmelo says:

    What about Sky+? As much as I hate to give money to Mr Murdoch its bloody good:-( And may I just say (again) how nice it is to see you blogging in full motion again. Honestly. Also the last post, isn’t that what you ECPs are ment to go to, to free up Trucks? Sorry if you take insult, I’m only a young’un.

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