Out Of Area

A long distance transfer?

I was dipping into ‘Blood, Sweat and Tea’ by Tom Reynolds the other day and had another chuckle over Tom’s comments in the section entitled ‘Workload’ (pp20). You can read the original post here.

…with interhospital transfers and other irregularities you can quite easily find yourself on the other side of London.
Its an old joke that when asking if we need to travel so far the dispatcher will ask if it still says London on the side of the ambulance.

This reminds me of a classic conversation at one of our stations:

The Scene: A large(ish) ambulance station in [County]. Numerous crews are present; some on a meal break, others either finishing or starting their shifts.

Enter the Divisional Officer. Stands at the door listening.

EMT: We got a right old pasting today. Had a transfer to BigTown and couldn’t get out again. I hate going out of area, you never know where you are. I think they should send us straight back after transfers.
Div Off: Well, it says [County] on the side of the ambulances so you should expect to go anywhere in the county.
EMT: Maybe, but it says Taiwan on the tyres and we don’t go there do we?

Much raucous laughter all round. Divisional Officer stomps out in disgust.


One Response to Out Of Area

  1. Carmelo says:

    I heard about this, speaking to a LAS EMD on my course he said people can easily be shoved the entire way across London, as once they have done the transfer they might be used if they are the nearest resource, although I genuinely believe he was sincere when he said that he tries to let all crews return to their patch ASAP after transfers.

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