Heavy Hand of the Law?

“We know you’ve been blogging. Come out with your hands up!”

Blogging aficionados may recall, back in March this year, the Metropolitan Police published guidelines for officers who wrote blogs (BBC report)

Recently the organisation has become aware of a series of weblogs or blogs where authors – claiming to be police officers – have offered their views on a number of issues in a highly personalised, often controversial manner.”

[there is a ban on] expressing views and opinions that are damaging to the organisation or bring the organisation into disrepute.”

Many Met bloggers, such as World Weary Detective and Bow Street Runner threw in the towel. Cough the Lot is still going and, at the time of the Met’s announcement, made a very poignant comment:

“Hypocrisy is the word I think. In the police we are constantly reminded of diversity and human rights and yet here are individuals being punished for penning the way it actually is.”

Two of my favourite (non Met) police blogs, who tell it ‘as it actually is’ are PC Copperfield and Inspector Gadget.

Today, Inspector Gadget writes that he’s expecting a visit from a Chief Inspector at Complaints and Discipline. Has some snivelling, whinging, little runt decided to ‘grass’ him up or has some low-life hack decided to ‘out‘ him, for no good reason, like they did Abby Lee?

We’ll have to wait, watch and see. Let’s hope for all our sakes that hard-hitting, honest blogging will continue. Once those in charge start ‘clamping down‘ we might as well go and live in a Stalinist state.

If you can’t stand all those oleaginous comments by John Reid at the Home Office who reckons everything’s fine on the Law and Order front then check out the CCTV footage posted by PC Copperfield or read this posting by Inspector Gadget (and have a look at the comments – see if you disagree!)

Heaven preserve us from senior management!


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