What’s in a Name?

Hey! I’ve got a great idea.

Back in July, many ambulances services in England, including the old services of East Anglia, Essex and Beds & Herts merged to form newer (read cheaper?) trusts, to better serve the NHS.

Chief executive Dr Chris Carney said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to create something new.”

Now, amongst all the other changes, you’d have thought this would have been an ideal opportunity to come up with a really ‘funkynew name. But no, after hours of brain storming (wearing their thinking caps, I’m sure) the management came up with the inspired choice of East of England Ambulance Service. According to one of my friends in Cambridgeshire, the staff had a much better name.


Now that’s more like it!


2 Responses to What’s in a Name?

  1. […] Following on from the last post; the staff also came up with the idea of a complete re-branding of the new service, including changing the colour of the ambulances to a pretty shade of light blue. The service would be known as ERECT. […]

  2. Shurely it should be AnglianBedSexHerts?

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