There Might Be A Slight Delay

There may be trouble ahead.

Well my diary seems to have gone from being reasonably clear to being completely chaotic. I’m going to be away for a few days visiting friends around the country so there’s likely to be a slight delay before the next post.

In the meantime here’s a couple of photos in the
“Oops – You didn’t want to do that” series


I owe a few people phone calls and e-mail replies; I’ll be in touch next week – promise.


3 Responses to There Might Be A Slight Delay

  1. Zalecenia says:

    Do you understand? (6) thorn, prickle. dangerous. (29) crisp; popularly used for anything brand-new,

  2. Ellie says:

    Hi, I just recently re-stumbled upon your blog, and I have been enjoying your interesting ECP stories. Last summer I did an LAS internship and rode a shift with one there. I think it’s a brilliant idea that we should adopt here in the states. (I’m a paramedic in ‘New’ England) Anyway, keep up the great posts, and thanks!


  3. Merys Jones says:

    yes, you so do owe me an email!

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