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Well its been an extremely enjoyable if very hectic few days. It was lovely to catch up with so many friends that I haven’t seen for ages. One friend who wasn’t included was my old mate Alan Whittaker but I had an e-mail from him on my return with great news:

His (and Sally Rivers’ ) new album, Inside Out is now available on iTunes!! – hurrah!

Some of you may have noticed a link in the sidebar since the album came out though I doubt anyone’s actually gone and bought it; even though its fab. Well now’s your chance to buy the best tracks at only 79p each – its a steal.

My personal favourites are Take Our Love, Crazy Thing Called Love and the title track Inside Out.

Their previous album Secret Life is also available on iTunes. One of the tracks from this, Cold, was, at one time #8 in the mp3 download charts – these guys are batting with the big boys.


Alan writes just about all the music, plays most of the instruments, arranges and produces all the tracks. Sally Rivers does the singing. Alan issued 3 earlier albums on which he sang. I don’t thing he’d disagree with me when I say that having Sally do the vocals was an inspired idea.

As with all the other albums I get a mention in the ‘Thank Yous’ which is very generous of him. My contribution is usually limited to lounging around the studio at his home, drinking beer and eating pizza, exquisitely prepared by Sally – that’s Sally Whittaker, Al’s wife, not Sally Rivers the singer – and passing comment on very early drafts of the songs while pretending that I know what I’m talking about. I did play all of 5 notes on the first CD. I’ve never actually met Sally Rivers. Alan quite rightly keeps plebs like me away when the serious work of recording is being undertaken.

Another regular on the ‘Thank You’ list is our mate Hobbsy, one of the best blues, bluegrass and country guitarists I’ve ever heard – sadly he never gets round to recording anything; too busy being a swinging bachelor. Alan and Hobbsy do the most fantastic version of “I am a Man of Constant Sorrow“; wipes the floor with the version by the Soggy Bottom Boys in the film O Brother Where Art Thou?

Its back to work tomorrow and I’m on the bus for 12 hours – yikes!


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