Another Blogger Goes Public

Murphy’s World

As a foot soldier on the front line of public service I find that my daily ‘blog’ reading usually consists of those heavyweight writers that penetrate the chaos that is ‘Public Service in the UK‘; Dr Crippen, PC Copperfield, WatTyler, Tom Reynolds, et al. So, it was with great pleasure that I followed a link, about a month ago, that lead me to the world as seen by Murphy (oh, and not forgetting his side-kick Oz). If you’re a dog owner, or a former fan of Buster, then Murphy’s view of Britain in the 21st century will certainly strike a chord.

And now The Murphmeister has made the headlines; no doubt he’ll be getting an agent and charging a ‘dog biscuit a go‘ to access his site. (Do PayPal deal in ‘Goodboy’ choc drops?)

It’s a shame that the ‘real‘ Magwitch (my constant companion for many years) is no longer living with me and so unable to participate in correspondence with Murphy and Oz.


One Response to Another Blogger Goes Public

  1. Murphy says:

    Blimey! Thanks for finding my L.O.B. … glad it’s a bit of light relief!

    Best wishes


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