Double Trouble (2)

The truth is out there.

I’ve posted before about the six-eight bus effect – you know, where you don’t see one for ages and then two (or more) come along together. Last night the effect kicked in again.

First two jobs of the night were to two elderly people, one male one female, who’d both suffered what appeared to be recurrent CVAs (strokes). Nothing overly significant in that you might say. Well I didn’t think too much about it either. After all we see quite a lot of CVAs in this job. No, it was only as I was doing the paperwork for the second patient that the X-File theme started playing in my head. “Date of birth?’
Same year.
Same month.
Same day.

Oh! Now that’s spooky!


2 Responses to Double Trouble (2)

  1. Medical Guy says:

    That’s really freaky……

  2. I’ve several freaky episodes, but one always sticks in my mind… I was working with my then-crewmate, who happened to be a devout Christian, on Good Friday.

    We were called to attend a patient believed to be in cardiac arrest. On arrival, it proved to be the case and was, in fact, a purple plus. I started filling in the paperwork. On doing so, I noticed that the patient had been born on Christmas Day.

    I couldn’t resist pointing out to my crewmate that it was all ok, as she’d be back by Sunday…

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