A Little Light Reading

Yawn, yawn

Well’ it’s fair to say that today was somewhat boring. Only three jobs in 12 hours. First up was a patient with an exacerbation of his COPD – nebulised and left in care.

Then a young woman who’d taken on overdose- possibly. A lot of Oscar winning theatricals but not very forthcoming with information despite the fact that she’d called as a ‘cry for help’. We took her in and dumped her on A&E – maybe she’ll get a psychiatric referral. I hope so because when I last saw her she was leading the A&E staff a merry dance.

The last call was for one of the local homeless folk. He’d had a fall and hurt his back. Nothing obvious but he was certainly in a lot of discomfort (no play acting this time). With A&E round the corner it was a case of load and go for the crew. His colleague, the one who’d phoned us on his mobile phone and was holding a litre bottle of whisky, pointed out their dilapidated camp over in the woods. The weather’s starting to turn a little colder at night now and strangely, a number of blankets from the hospital store went ‘walkies’ after my last stop in the department.

The local people were apparently feeling rather healthy late this afternoon. Both vehicles were left on station and I got sent out on dynamic cover.

Found a lovely little spot in the sun and settled down to tuck into “Wasting Police Time” by PC David Copperfield which arrived from Amazon yesterday.
Along with Frank Chalk’sIt’s Your Time You’re Wasting“.

Interestingly the Criminal Justice System also has ECPs – Enhanced Community Punishment orders.

Yep – that sounds like a usual shift.


One Response to A Little Light Reading

  1. Millietant says:

    Funny things hospital blankets.
    Often when we’re taking a patient home from hospital and i remove their blanket whilst trasfering them into a chair, the patients’ gaze becomes fixed on that blanket and as soon as they are seated they want their blanket back. Not wanting to cause distress i oblige, tucking them cosily into the chair until we reach the vehicle. Again, comment that need to remove blanket from their grasp to transfer them safely and they glance nervously at the blanket wondering when they’ll get it back.
    Finally when we reach their house their knuckles have become white and their grip on that blanket intensified (this is not because of my driving). Once seated in their own home, with the heating on full blast, they still want that stringy orange blanket.
    When its clear they havnt got a pot to piss in i really dont mind and will usually donate more than one blanny, but when you get to a house and they’re definitly not short of a few bob and they still wont relinquish the blanket it gets on my nerves, but those blankets must mean a lot to people.

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