Big Mac – little mac

This has nothing to do with the post – I just wanted an excuse to use it.

My credit card has gone into melt-down over the last few weeks. First off, for no other reason than “it seemed like a good idea” I bought myself a new super-duper, all singing and dancing 24″ iMac. Yes it’s the really Big Mac. Makes my old 14″ iBook seem like a little toy. Not sure how I’ve managed to survive with ‘just’ an iBook for the last 3 years. Mind you it fits nicely in a rucksack, has been round the world twice, been dropped (a few times), thrown about in ambulances (lots) and generally used and abused: and it’s still going strong. The Big Mac however, is superb for playing all those DVDs on.

Here’s Inky the cat wondering what all the fuss is about.

For anyone who cares about these things, the ‘real’ Magwitch is the border collie in the screen saver.

Not content with having spent a small fortune I joined Tom Reynolds today at the Mac Expo. I think Tom was planning to spend his book royalties. Bet I spent more than him though. I started off passing an extremely pleasant time with the wonderful ladies on the Adobe stand. A particular mention for Fiona (who I’m sure I’ve met before though she denies this) and Alyna. Sometimes in life you get to meet people who you instinctively like and I could quite happily have spent the entire day listening to Alyna: beautiful velvet voice and lovely blue eyes. (sadly married – just my luck)

I eventually drifted over to the Wacom stand and got talking to Jason their UK rep. Oh dear, oh dear…he was great fun and we were soon joined by a young lady who’s a professional artist. Between the 3 of us we tried and tested all the graphic tablets on display, including the Cintiq 21″ interactive display. It’s basically a wide-screen computer where you draw/write directly onto the screen. If I hadn’t just splashed out on the iMac I’d have bought one (even though it is nearly 2 grand). Instead, after an hour or so of fun and games, I forked out for an A5 wide tablet. Typical, because I’ve got a widescreen display I need a ‘wide’ tablet (more expensive) otherwise what you draw is not what you see; with a ‘square’ tablet if you draw a circle on the tablet it comes out as an oval on the screen – all to do with the aspect ratio apparently.

Went round lots of the other stands, tried some of the new products and watched some of the presentations. All good stuff.

Tomorrow it’s back on the night shift in Scroatsville. Stab jacket to hand and plenty of narcan (for heroin overdoses) on the car.

I’m praying for rain so that the pissheads stay indoors.


3 Responses to Big Mac – little mac

  1. Funny the number of bloggers I read who use Macs . . . I guess I just instinctively like their taste!

    Haven’t been to a Mac Expo in years. It was always lots of fun. Come to think of it, my first ‘date’ with my now husband was to meet him at at MacWorld Boston. He was 2 hours late and had arranged to meet several other women there too . . . but somehow it all worked out in the end!

    Hope it rains for you tomorrow!

  2. Kimthevet says:

    I’ve been a lurking reader for a while (great blog btw), and slightly irrelevantly to today’s post (sorry about that), i just wanted to say that Inky looks cool.

    Who are the dogs on the imac screen?

    Also hoping for rain for you…just not in Edinburgh….

  3. Merys Jones says:

    If you’re looking to melt the plastic completely you could always take me shopping mate!

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