Packaging Error?

One of my regular suppliers of humorous pictures sent me this.


Says it all really.

I wonder what they’d do with Gordon Ramsey faggots?


3 Responses to Packaging Error?

  1. Millietant says:

    Gordon?? A faggot? Sacrilege!
    They should definitly do something with that turd fancying nutrition nazi Gillian McKeith’s range of “You are what you eat” snacks.
    Although the contents speak for themselves.

  2. ecparamedic says:

    Now that’s a programme I can’t watch ‘Ooh, lets look at your steaming jobbie’.

    Crap TV

  3. drunkenspaniel says:

    If they ever bring back the burning of Witches, Gill’s the girl to get us started…

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