Diagnosis? N.F.I.

Cough Up – Or Else!


Your cash or your registration

Once again those criminals, sorry, fine upstanding committee members of the HPC (HowTo Punish Carers) are proposing increasing our registration fees – again! Up to £70 -£72 p.a. – that’s a 20% increase; so that’s in line with inflation then. The proposal document (6 Nov 2006) is available here. I notice that maintaining the status-quo is not an option; it never is; we’re gonna pay up whether we like it or not. And what benefit do we get for this? Absolutely bugger all really.

For a hit list of those responsible see here.

So what do they do with all the money?
175,000 hostages members X £72 = £12.6 million quid!

1. Get you sacked: We take action to protect the public, which can include cautioning a registrant, placing conditions on their registration, suspending them from practice or, in the most serious cases, removing them from the Register.

2. Busy Doing nothing: We have worked hard over the last three years to increase public and professional awareness of our role. Where? How? L.O.B.

3. CPD – (what a joke this is) In June 2005 we agreed our standards for continuing professional development (CPD). Oh Yeah! who did you consult with then? – not the registrants that’s for sure.

4. Paying jumped up inspectors: We will be recruiting and training a number of CPD assessors from each profession who will assess the CPD profiles we receive. – these bozos can’t even work out what constitutes CPD so how are they going to ‘assess’ it?

5. Oh, and of course, like most government quangos they employ outside consultants. In developing our fee proposals we engaged PKF (accountants and business advisors) to look carefully at our costs and our forecasts for the coming years (I wonder how much of the £12.6 million PKF got?)

The document does have one piece of good news:

Registration fees are tax deductible for UK taxpayers and may be claimed by registrants on their tax return or on application to their tax office. – Hurrah!

There are three different ways in which registrants can claim back tax relief on their registration fees:

Now I never knew that. I’ll be filling in my P358 ASAP and we should be able to back date it for a few years as well (I hope).

P.S. the rumour mill has it that EMTs and even EMDs may have to join the HPC as well. – so that’ll be another million or so in the coffers then. And, as ECParamedic sadly reminds us, he and I will soon have to pay twice, once as a Paramedic and again as an ECP.