SB 9

Fans of science fiction will be familiar with the concept of parallel universes.

What if there was a universe where there were no wars and people lived in harmony with each other.

What if there was a universe where the NHS actually functioned as it should and Gordo wasn’t the PM designate.

What if there was a universe where the Starship Enterprise was a reality and Mr Spock had a beard!

Well none of the above might exist but Spock’s Beard are alive and happening and their 9th, eponymously titled, studio album is released today. This one continues in the ‘heavier’ vein they established following the departure of front man and principal song writer Neal Morse in 2002. My copy dropped on the mat a few hours ago and is on the ‘juke box’ as I type this. Most people in the UK have never heard of these guys but:

If you’re a Genesis fan then Nick D’Virgillio (drums and lead vocals) played on the last Genesis album ‘Calling all Stations’ (1997) and plays with Tears for Fears on tour.

Dave Meros (bass) toured for a number of years with Eric Burdon and the Animals

Ryo Okumoto (keyboards) has played with Phil Collins and Eric Clapton amongst hundreds of other musical luminaries. If you’re an Asia fan then you’ll know of the latest Asia spin off GPS with Ryo on keyboards.

Alan Morse (guitars): not so well known but plays on all his brother Neal Morse’s albums and runs an electronics company DynaMetric, Inc.

Hopefully they’ll be back over here touring in the next few months – check ’em out!


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