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Just a blatant excuse to post a picture of the lovely and utterly captivating, Anita Anand: the girl with the most gorgeous voice on radio (and television for that matter). And yes, let’s be honest, the girl I’d most like to go out with!

Wasted a few hours today trying to get a scrolling headline script to work on this blog: It’s one I ripped off from the BBC some years ago and has been working fine on my own personal web-site (no, there’s no link). Seems that WordPress doesn’t like the <iframe> tag. So instead, here’s a roundup of some news items concerning ambulance services around the UK.

Three wheels on my wagon


A Patient transport vehicle from Dundee loses a wheel and causes rush hour chaos.

Story from the Evening Telegraph

One more so I can be a real asshole! London sees a 3% rise in piss-head related incidents. Not unexpected I’d have said, though personally I’ve not really noticed an increase – just the usual clowns falling over and beating each other up.

Story from the Evening Standard.

Anyone can look this good after a few beers.
You know that old adage “the more you drink the better she / he looks”. Well there’s a formula for working out how much you get affected, although it appears that the effect doesn’t always work on some people. Or maybe these 2 are just ‘mingers’ and no amount of alcohol is going to help.

Drunk student fined for ‘ugly’ jibe at medics. from the Evening Times.

You won’t catch us in Yorkshire! Apparently they’re a tough old lot in Yorkshire. Actually it’s another case of a tight fisted, we-don’t-give-a-toss-about-our-staff attitude from the management of Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Ambulance crews denied stab vests because of theft worries – story from the Yorkshire Post.


6 Responses to In the News

  1. Millietant says:

    Love the picture of the pts vehicle! ( If a picture can paint a thousand words then it’s probably enough said… but it’s made my fingers twitchy) If there was ever an image that could support the privatisation of the NHS little by little then that is it. Am not in support of this but who wants to turn up to a terminally ill patient in that! There’s no money being put into the pts and following Hewitts new announcement i am in doubt there won’t be in the near future. (possibly the only time you will see “pts” and “future” in the same sentence.)
    Went on to read the article and was reassured by the Scottish spokespersons’ comment that they “will investigate the cause of that” again the picture could save Sherlock the trouble!
    Why was/is it still on the road? It looks like one of those vehicles by where i live that ends up crushed into a little cube and put on display to shame the owners that it was uninsured and had a dodgy MOT! (hope they have an MOT, am sure investigation will find out)
    RE: stab vests, same in our area but Manchester is more violent, apparantly, so they may be getting them!
    RE: beer goggles….actually least said is probably best on this occassion

  2. Kingmagic says:

    Ref: stab proof vests….Hull has one of the worst knife cultures in the United Kingdom.
    It is only a matter of time until someone is killed or seriously injured.

    Stab proof vests are PPE (personal protective equipment) just the same as a helmet and Hi-Vis jackets are for attending RTCs (road traffic accidents).

    We all know that it comes down to cost, each stab vest is around £300 approx. (unless anyone else knows as I,m going on pre 2000 prices?). How much is a life worth???

    I would have thought that in these days of Health & Safety and Risk Assessment that stab proof vests would be basic issue. The arguments for the vests far outweigh the ones against because at the end of the day you cant put a price on a life.

    Management can and do though. Ambulance Services seem to keep getting away with not putting their staff first. How is the decision not to buy/issue stab proof vests arrived at? It seems like they have looked for an excuse by scouring other services trying to find downsides to the vests.

    I want to come to work and feel safe….it is getting worse out there with violence against crews and a total lack of respect for us from the generation of hoodies, yobs, chavs and drug/alcohol fuelled miscreants.

  3. kevinmillhill says:

    Us chaps/chappesses north of the border have been polled on stab-proof vests a few times. The answers tend to remain much the same – we ain’t coppers or soldiers; our vulnerability is part of our bona fides. Vests are seen as provocative. Recently, though, another aspect has emerged; yobs want stab-proof vests because they are STAB PROOF. The easiest people to take them from are members of the ambulance services, so you end up being duffed up BECAUSE YOU ARE WEARING ONE and someone else wants it.

    Anyway, we said, in the Scottish Ambulance Service, you just need back armour – to protect you from your bosses and colleagues…………………

  4. Kingmagic says:

    To Kevinmillhill…
    But does that not mean we are giving in to the scumbags? In an ideal world we should not have to have police with us on most jobs.
    The law must be enforced and made tougher on those who attack us or abuse us. Until they realise that they will get nicked and locked up and sentenced to a long stretch, we are still going to get hassle.
    I believe that up in your neck of the woods the law comes down heavy on scumbags who attack ambulance staff?
    I completely agree with your last sentence…..

  5. Could you not hide the stabproof vest in some way, like under a jacket?

    PS Magwitch, I know you from somewhere….

  6. ecparamedic says:

    We still don’t have vests, not for want of trying from the Staffside. If you’ve got to wear one then I think a covert vest would be a good option if you are going to wear them for a whole shift, day in day out.

    I suspect though that the requirement would be for more on and off usage based on your own personal risk assessment so an overt vest would be the practical alternative.

    Going back to the first pic of the PTS truck, some of our vehicles look like that regularly!


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