Crisis? What Crisis?

Alan Murray to get it sorted!

The Auditor General for Wales has today published his report into the state of the Welsh Ambulance Service. As expected he says “the problems of the ambulance service in Wales are long standing and deep seated” although he avoids using the emotive word “crisis“.

The Trust has been let down by important failures in all the key areas of business management. Although the Board and new Chief Executive are finalising a modernisation plan, there has been a longstanding absence of strategic direction. Although a five year strategy was produced in 2005, this was not supported by any clear plans for implementation, reflecting wider weaknesses in business planning, and the strategy has been superseded by the draft modernisation plan. In addition, key stakeholders – Trust staff, consultants in Accident and Emergency Departments, other emergency services, the public, Community Health Councils and some acute trusts – do not think that the Trust has a clear vision of the future although this may be changing as the draft modernisation plan develops.

It’s a 184 page document at 4.8Mb. Available here.

I’ve been out all day with more ‘fun and games’ this evening so I’ll post more tomorrow.


One Response to Crisis? What Crisis?

  1. ecparamedic says:

    I don’t envy his job at all.

    Any idea where Mr Thane is these days?


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