On Yer Bike!

Woah! Anyone got some stabilisers?

I posted the other day about Zimbabwe’s new Ox-Wagon ambulances. Well, they’re a third world country so what can you expect. Now, in 21st Century England, Anthony (marigold) Marsh, newly appointed as Chief Executive of West Midlands Ambulance Service, has unveiled his ‘secret’ weapon in the fight against ‘falling’ response times: Yes, it’s a bicycle; complete with blue lights, sirens, defibrillator, vital drugs and (wait for it) a puncture repair kit. Read the article in the Birmingham Mail.

Tony, oops sorry, Anthony said, “I believe it is much quicker for the *Cycle Response Unit to get to pedestrian areas to treat patients, especially during the busy Christmas period when the city centre is very crowded,” Judging by the picture I’d suggest that this is a new way to discipline staff for their failure to meet local ‘A’ cat targets. Add a trailer on the back and they could transport patients as well.

Oh, and it’s going to “help save the planet by proving an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional, fuel consuming ambulances.”

Look forward to Alan Murray introducing a rugged, mountainbike unit in his revamping of the Welsh Ambulance Service.

*Maybe that should be Cycle Response Advanced Paramedic.


7 Responses to On Yer Bike!

  1. Craig D says:

    (The link broke, try copy/paste)

  2. caramaena says:

    And what’s the expected response time for these people?

    Also, what’s the next step? A pair of cross-trainers and a backpack?

  3. Kingmagic says:

    I know someone on the Cycle Response Unit and at first we were all sceptical and took the piss mercilesly. But I have to say that we were all proved wrong.
    They are very effective in the built up areas where its easier for a bike to take short cuts through alleys etc. and to weave through crowded streets.
    Also when they are on standby/roving in the city/town centres they also act as a good PR focus.

  4. Merys Jones says:

    As far as I know they use them in York city centre in summer to get around the cobbled areas known as the Shambles.

    I knew there was a particular space for me in the ambulance service! Causing my own injuries while working….

  5. ecparamedic says:

    Anyone remember the ‘skateboard paramedic’ done as an April Fool joke a couple of years ago?

  6. Geordon says:

    There *are* appropriate places for bicycle medics. In my city, they’re used quite often along various foot or bicycle race routes. They’re used for initial, first-contact treatment, with full ambulance backup.

    The bicycles are not considered as a “transport vehicle” (Who is goint to treat the patient?!?!?!?), but as a very mobile FRU-type vehicle in tight quarters, where a full vehicle just won’t fit well.

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