Part Time WAS

They’re ‘avin a larff

Alan Murray’s revamping of the Welsh Ambulance Service is off to a terrific start: Ambulances face one day a week closure.

“The Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAS) had made proposals to close every ambulance station in Powys for one day a week in order to combat the escalating problem of paramedic rotas.”

“An anonymous caller had informed the County Times that due to ambulance staff having to work 42-hour weeks rather than the recommended 37½ hours – their deficit hours were being paid at time-and-a-half rate – closing Powys’ ambulance stations for one day a week had been discussed as a viable alternative. Proposals included shutting Welshpool’s station on Mondays, Newtown and Llandrindod Wells on Sundays and Llanfyllin on a Wednesday,” they said. Our source even hinted that stations at Llanfyllin and Llanidloes could close permanently.

Next week we’ll be seeing oxygen rationing every other day, no trauma calls if it’s raining and they’ll only offering a materni-taxi service if it’s your 10th baby.

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6 Responses to Part Time WAS

  1. ecparamedic says:

    Countless man-hours will now be spent trying to find the anonymous informer………….

    Just a guess like.


  2. Now if this were Africa, you would be accustomed to being unable to rely on electricity for a day a week or a few hours a day (dpending on the country) – but restrictions in Wales?

    What are they going to do – hire in some of those cycle-rickshaws and persuade Boy Scouts to provide the transport power in return for a bob a job? Or in more outlying areas will they resort to goats.

  3. Kingmagic says:

    Please dont tell me that you,ve giving patients oxygen?
    It will only encourage them to come back!
    Why not cut back on the people in the I.T. departments and in admin? There seems to have been a marked increase in numbers within the rear echelon area!
    Then again we could train them up as first responders and then put them out in RRVs/RFUs and hit ORCON easily! There job done!! Going for my medication now….

  4. kevinmillhill says:

    This kind of nonsense runs deeper than the WAS; it is the inevitable product of the “one size fits all” approach insisted on by the egalitarians of A4C. A4C sees no reason to consider a need for different approaches to the shift patterns worked by, say, a theatre night sister, an electrician chargehand, and a rural paramedic, and you get this kind of stuff as a result.

    “One size fits all”, and the paramedic finds himself slotted into a basic 40-hr shift week. This includes 2.5hrs of unpaid breaks which, at a big station, can actually be allocated by standing crews down, one at a time. However, such an approach is manifest nonsense at small stations, where – by standing the crew down – you are shutting off the only show in town. Such a situation should never have been allowed to arise; the need for ambulance crews to be booted out of the door at a moment’s notice should have been recognised, and built into the A4C structure, from the word go. The fact that the A4C “one size fits all” cart was allowed to be put firmly in front of the ambulance world’s operational horse is the inevitable consequence of hiring – at Chief Executive level – people who’ve never actually done the bloody job. This, in its turn, has led directly to the kind of drivel being talked in Wales at the moment.

    In Scotland, we had a crack at NOT toeing the line; we work a basic 40hr week (it fits in nicely with 12 and 8-hr shifts) but it includes 2.5hrs unpaid breaks. Us rural folks don’t REALLY get thrown out to work that frequently, during our breaks, so most of us were happy to settle for a bribe of £250.00pa to shut up about it; I certainly was, and – not only do I feel slightly better off – but I also feel that we are, collectively, behaving as an EMERGENCY service. It ain’t rocket science (it can’t be – I can understand it) and I don’t recall anybody suggesting part time closures of stations. We respect the right to be different of the handful who didn’t take the bribe, and we work around it. It’s not hard.

    (I don’t know how relevant this may be, but we’ve had the same Chief Exec for over 7 years now; during that time, we may not have soared, but we’ve always managed to float. It would be better to say that we have “Hung On To” him, because most of us would really quite like to keep him. However, the essential point I should be making is that he is one of us; he has done the job – on the grubby ground – and, maybe that’s what makes the difference.)

  5. Yes, of course. The way to cut costs is to reduce the nuber of soldiers you have fighting the war, lets not worry about catering or supplies here – we’ll keep the hundred or so support staff, yes. Lets just get rid of soldiers. Mmm…..

  6. kingmagic says:

    Magwitch…hope you are feeling better.
    Know how you feel with patients being difficult.
    Any chance of a link on your blogroll.
    The site is Purpleplus which is how I feel sometimes.
    Many thanks if you can oblige….Kingmagic

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