Venting Steam in Swindon

A view of the mess room at Swindon Ambulance Station

Seems that ambulance staff in Swindon have had enough. Not content with ‘sounding off’ round the mess room table (assuming they ever get any time on station) they’ve now set up their own web-site, Great Western Ambulance Life, for venting a little steam.

Disaffected staff have become so disillusioned by the conditions they have to work under that they have set up an online blog to air their concerns to management at Great Western Ambulance Trust. read the whole story from This is Wiltshire.

This entry seems to sum up the general feeling:

The Trust Management have stormed in, all guns firing, without two f**ks what the Staff think/want. Then they resign cos they a) realise what a cowboy outfit this Trust really is. b) Get a better job cos they know this one is shit. c) Leave cos the Trust is an EMBARRASSMENT and if the public only knew what REALLY went on…

Sounds like the management of most NHS trusts.


On a lighter note:

Perhaps the management are just running round and round in circles like Swindon’s famous (infamous?) magic roundabout…..

Here’s Mr Monkey at the heart of the problem:

Picture from the House of the Orange Monkey


3 Responses to Venting Steam in Swindon

  1. kevinmillhill says:

    I lived near Swindon 30 years ago, and I LOVED the Magic Roundabout; I’m so glad to see that it’s still there.
    Swindon apparently has a population of 180,015; the report in your link above says that Swindon Ambulance Station is running with just 4 vehicles on shift. Dumfries, for comparison, has a population of just 32,136, and that places a tolerable workload on 2 vehicles, still leaving time to clean them, tidy the station etc. By extension, then, Swindon should actually be running on about 11 vehicles per shift. How on earth are they managing?

  2. ecparamedic says:

    It doesn’t sound like they are Kevin.

  3. Blippie says:

    Swindon (180,000) = 4 vehicles
    Bristol (750,000) = 4 vehicles, 3 overnight.

    Scarey isn’t it.



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