Diagnosis? N.F.I.

‘A’ (cat) Sore Throat


Open wide.

Another ‘A’ category call for ‘extreme difficulty breathing’.

The small lounge I was directed to was full of people. Grandad had pride of place at the end of the settee nearest the fire, with various grown up children and assorted in-laws scattered around. All of them looked well. No one appeared to be having the remotest difficulty in breathing.

“Hello, who’ve I come to see then?”
“It’s me.” replied grandad.
“What seems to be the problem?”
“He’s not breathing properly,” pipped up one of the female adults.
“He’s only just come out of hospital,” said another.
I knelt down by granddad. “Can you tell me what happened?”
“I had one of those allergic reaction things last week.”
“He had to go to hospital,” butted in someone.
“I had tubes and stuff in my arm.”
“And he was in for 4 days, and came out this morning.” Miss interruption again.
“So what is the problem today?”
“It hurts when I breathe.”
“In what way does it hurt?”
“My throat’s sore.”
“Are you having any problems actually breathing in and out?”
“No, it just hurts my throat.”
OK, so this chap has been hospitalised following an episode of anaphylaxis, I wonder…
“When you were in hospital did they keep you on ITU, the intensive care unit?”
“And did they put a tube down your throat to help you breathe?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“And did they not tell you that you were likely to have a sore throat for a while?”
“Can’t remember.”
“Well best thing for you young man is some ice-cream to help ease that throat.”

A nice easy job. Everyone happy. Lots of thanks and some apologies from the lady that dialed 999.

Well done to AMPDS for another success in identifying a sore throat as ‘extreme difficulty in breathing’.