Nequissimum Et Periurum Caput

One of our new ECPs – a pompous, arrogant buffoon

The following was related to me by one of my EMT colleagues recently.

Cast of characters:
ECP: a former senior manager who’s been shunted sideways so many times that he should have got the hint by now, but has failed to do the honourable thing. Recently qualified as an ECP he’s been back on the road about 2 months but has probably spent most of that time hiding in an office pretending to be someone important.

EMT: My colleague, a very capable EMT of 2 years standing.

Manager: A current senior manager with the service who’s A&E qualification is as an EMT.

The Scene: A small(ish) room, within which lies a large, elderly male; unconscious and sprawled awkwardly across the floor.

The EMT arrived first on the RRV (rapid response vehicle) closely backed up by the ECP and the manager. Having identified that the patient was in cardiac arrest it became imperative that they move him into a position that would enable them to commence CPR. The ECP was positioned at the patient’s head with the EMT at his hips. The EMT moved the patient’s arm ready for the ECP to assist with lifting the patient. As he lifted the arm it was apparent that the patient was lying in a large pool of his own faeces and urine and his upper body was drenched.

ECP: “I’m not lifting him in that state. I’m an ECP now, this is a tech’s job. You come here and lift him.”
EMT: “Give over (I think the original was f**k off). You’re there so get on and lift.”
ECP: “You can’t talk to me like that, I’m an ECP.”
EMT: “Well I just have so get on and lift.”
ECP: (turning to the manager) “You’re only a tech, you come here and lift him.”
Man: “Just get on with lifting and stop moaning.”

Sadly, this is the sort of arrogant nonsense that staff are experiencing from ECPs all over the county. One station in particular has a whole host of these ‘superstars‘ who are superior to the rest of us. You know the ones: they wear their underpants on the outside of their trousers and have a big ‘S’ on their shirts.


Nequissimum et periurum caput: roughly translates as ‘Utter dregs and dross of a man’ according to “How to Insult, Abuse & Insinuate in Classical Latin” by Michelle Lovric & Nikiforos Doxiadis Mardas.


7 Responses to Nequissimum Et Periurum Caput

  1. Kingmagic says:

    There is always at least one in every service.
    I hope these “superstars” realise what twats they are making of themselves?

    I dont need prima donnas on scene to get in the way….anyone who is there and can help I will enlist their services. That goes for doctors, police officers, managers, solicitors, chavs, ladies of the night in fact anyone who is willing to get stuck in when the job needs it.

    Everyone else “get the f*”k away from the patient!”

  2. There’s an old phrase I wheel out for occasions such as this that I never tire of repeating. It goes like this:
    “People who are in charge should never need to tell anyone they’re in charge, because if they really are in charge, people will just know.”
    Another way of putting it is: I don’t care what the Rubber Duck it says on your badge, you won’t have my respect unless you bloody well earn it.
    And that goes (Kingmagic) for doctors, police officers, managers, solicitors, chavs, ladies of the night in fact anyone who is willing to get stuck in when the job needs it.

    I thank you.

  3. ecparamedic says:

    Yep, we have one or two as well. Human nature dictates that they are the ones everyone remembers as an example of being an ECP.

    Incidentally neither came from management backgrounds, being put on the ECP course simply re-enforced their perception that their shit don’t stink…………..


  4. Carmelo says:

    NOW I understand all those comments about you being an ECP and not having to do menial work..

  5. ecparamedic says:

    Look at nursing as an example of why ECPs shouldn’t be allowed to get away with ‘not doing menial tasks’.

    It actually upsets me when crews turn round and say they are surprised that I have cleaned up/done a 12-lead/done the paperwork/changed the inco pad etc etc etc.

    We supposed to be doing this job because we are good clinicians, anyone who thinks that being a good clinician involves just doing the bits that we can’t get someone else to do is missing the point and should be bombed back down the ladder to learn some patient care and humility.


  6. jonbob71 says:

    It may not seem like much,but at the moment i am backing up the 999 ambulance serice with St John, doing routine transfers etc to free up your guys for the serious stuff, during the silly season If any of our officers work on the ambulances they have to remove all stripes, pips and crowns from their epaulettes, so that we are all on an even footing

  7. ecparamedic says:

    Hi Jonbob,

    It isnt so much a rank thing as the belief entertained by some ECPs that having done an extra course they are absolved from doing anything remotely unsexy.

    When our service was employing a good number of SJA, the issue of rank insignia was due to senior insignia being allocated to anyone with a formal medical qualification (Eg RN) within SJA, we had the same issues internally with Control Officers (Non clinical) third manning/first responding etc.


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