A Merry Xmas in Yorkshire

Merry Christmas from Yorkshire Ambulance.

Health service managers are at it again. “Let’s motivate our staff by sending them our fondest Christmas wishes.”

The Yorkshire ambulance service sent redundancy notices to 400 NHS staff yesterday (Dec 20th)….Simon Worthington, the acting chief executive, said 400 employees in management, administrative and support roles were being given 90 days’ notice of redundancy if they could not secure redeployment.

Merry f**king Christmas to you to Mr Worthington.


5 Responses to A Merry Xmas in Yorkshire

  1. Millietant says:

    What a callous thing to do
    Sympathies to everyone affected and those left to work understaffed.

  2. Kingmagic says:

    Have a great Christmas Magwitch, and a brill New Year.
    You have been nominated to enlist in SWAB Team 6……all the best…..kingmagic.

  3. ecparamedic says:

    Sounds about right in Patsys brave new NHS.

  4. Is the man in the phoro wearing a syrup? I do believe he’s wearing a wig! Is this the case Magwitch?

    Merry Christmas mate, and a happier new year.



  5. […] having f**ked up everyone’s Christmas, Simon Worthington and chums at Yorkshire Ambulance Service have had a […]

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