Have no fear, Tony’s here.

Apparently West Midlands Ambulance Service are expecting their busiest New Year ever. Now there’s a surprise. So is every other ambulance service and its the same old whinge every year. But WMAS has a new CEO – Anthony (don’t call me Tony) Marsh and Tony, opps sorry, Anthony has a reputation and a ‘stats’ record to uphold. Consequently it’ll be ‘all hands on deck’ at WMAS on Sunday night. With a big smile and a superb ‘slight of hand’ Tony has managed to conjure up 40 (yes 40) extra response cars for New Year’s Eve. So has there been a mass breakout of automobiles from Longbridge? No, Tony’s cancelled all leave and

“nearly all ambulance staff will be forced to leave their families behind on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to man control rooms or ambulances.”

I think it’s fair to say that we can expect managers, who haven’t seen a patient in umpteen years, to be sent out to consider whether a patient really needs an ambulance.

“Bosses hope it will take the strain off paramedics and crews by assessing the situation and deciding whether an ambulance is necessary.”

If the experience of my service is anything to go by then they probably wouldn’t know an MI or a CVA if it stood up an introduced itself. Still, that’s not the point, it’s all about response times and here, Tony’s the man for the job.

In fairness, Mr Marsh will definitely be on duty; no doubt prowling the control room, interfering with the dispatchers and driving everyone mad. It’s unlikely he’ll go out and see any patients as he “doesn’t do patients”.

Good luck if you work for WMAS and Happy New Year Anthony.


One Response to Overkill??

  1. Donkey says:

    Much as it goes against the grain to support management, I think it’s only fair to put you right on one point – Anthony Marsh is indeed on duty overnight tonight, but not prowling any control rooms – he’s crewing a front line truck from one of our busiest stations.

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