3000 and rising

May they rest in peace.

The George W Bush blood bath in Iraq now has a body count of 3,000 with more than 22,000 US service men and women wounded.

Add to that the 127 UK moralities. The 123 other coalition forces killed, and the 10’s of thousands of Iraqis shot, blown up, assassinated and injured since the asinine Iraqi war (jokingly called Operation Iraqi Freedom) was started in March 2003 and you get a picture of the hopeless, diabolical mess we’re in. And what exactly has all this slaughter achieved? Absolutely nothing as far as I can tell; just a sheer, utter waste of life.

And did those service men and women even understand why they were there? Probably not. I’m not sure Dubya and Dumsy even know, even if they do know where Iraq is – now. According to the latest National Geographic – Roper Survey of Geographic Literacy:

Only 37% of young Americans can find Iraq on a map—though U.S. troops have been there since 2003.

OK, so that’s slightly better than the previous 2002 survey when:

Only about 20 percent could identify hotspots like Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, and 11% could not locate the U.S. on a map.

But what’s the objective? and, at this stage, perhaps more importantly how the hell do we get our troops out? Bush reckons he’s working on a new plan – you mean he actually had one in the first place? The man’s a buffoon and his lap-dog Blair’s not much better. The sooner both of them depart and we get some sense into this whole fiasco the better.

Happy New Year Messrs Bush & Blair – arseholes


I guess the one thing that George Dubya has achieved that his father never did, is the overthrow of Saddam Hussein; and finally, on December 30th 2006, the Iraqis themselves have executed him – despite a farce of a trial, and the execution of 3 of his defence lawyers. Was it revenge? Maybe. Interesting that the majority Shias are now in power while Saddam and his cronies were Sunnis.

I was also surprised that they chose hanging as the execution method of choice – a very British institution. A legacy of our colonial days perhaps? Why not stoning, firing squad, electrocution, lethal injection, garroting, etc.?

I trust the hangman was well versed in his craft; perhaps he dusted down his copy of Charles Duff’s, A Handbook of Hanging complete with James Berry’s rope length calculator; 412/weight of body in stones = length of drop in feet. Failing that he could always have chosen J.D Potter’s the Art of Hanging with it’s easy to use ‘Hangman’s Ready Reckoner’ on the back cover. The execution was videoed so perhaps we’ll get to see how he got on.

Note: Before people start flaming me I should point out that I am absolutely against capital punishment and that both these books, despite their titles, are actually satires on the pointlessness of state execution.


5 Responses to 3000 and rising

  1. Murph says:

    Right on Magwitch!

  2. Elliott says:

    Go for it Magwitch. Tell it how it is.

  3. Carmelo says:

    BUT, would you vote for Brown when he takes over, or for Cameron? Brown will probably do something drastic like pull out of Iraq or something similar to assert his power as leader, but then again people might vote for Cameron as he looks nice, and has changed the Logo, but it irks me that people forgot what it was like under the Tories. Then again, life isn’t exactly great now, is it? Bugger…

  4. nicenurse says:

    Given that Studley Wondernuts has a small (ish) problem in his own country with executions; [i.e. even they have stopped their clinically amazing death rituals because, well it doesn’t kill people for ages – even though they have been paralysed.] it is amazing that he feels that Saddams death is a milestone.

    For anyone unfortunate enough to have been sent on a job to a hanging, they will know that it is a grotesque and unpleasant death. There are many good reasons why we stopped hanging in this country and why the last executioner, Pierrepoint, dedicated so much energy in later years campaigning against this cruel and unpleasant death. Worse still, (I personally think), is the constant reprievals and setting of new dates that occur in the states. What a mind fuck, you resign yourself to being killed by the state and then….. not today, next week maybe…. or not…. perhaps tomorrow. Tossers.


  5. Angela says:

    There are other parties to vote for, it doesn’t just have to be Brown’s Labour or Cameron’s Conservatives (though that has got a nice ring to it). If people would actually consider other parties and vote for those they feel represent their interests instead of the lesser evil we might actualy see a change of government.

    Back on topic, well said Mag. I don’t hold out much hope for George’s new plan, it seems like a realy hopless situation at the moment and I wonder what we (Britain) can do to make it right and await with dread the decisions of our and the US’s government.

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