Donald Werz yu trowzers?

Oh please! Not while I’m eating.

Yes it’s all happening on Anthony (seems like a nice boy) Marsh’s patch again.

West Midlands Ambulance Service had a call, at 5.45am, from the Willenhall area, from a man who could not find his trousers – from the Birmingham Post

While trousers were down, calls were up, but quieter than expected.

Other calls from useless tossers:

32-year-old man who “couldn’t walk after too much dancing
a teenager who had toothache.

Meanwhile, Northumbria Police revealed that a drunk dialled 999 to complain that there was too much chilli sauce on his kebab, while another caller wanted help to find a pizza takeaway. The late-night caller asked if there were any pizza shops still open and when he was told that was not an emergency, replied: “It is mate, my wife is pregnant and gagging for pizza.”

God bless those great British pissheads – always good for a laugh.


2 Responses to Donald Werz yu trowzers?

  1. Blah? says:

    Sh***. Funny reading but I’m sure not fun to deal with idiots like these!

    On the other hand, on Christmas Day (also my birthday) I got hit straight on by a guy who ran a red light. Police/’emergency services’ didn’t show up for ONE AND A HALF HOURS, and after myself, others, even the guy who hit me, called about 8 times. And police drove right by the scene TWICE without bothering to stop.

    I guess it, along with 999 calls that would have Darwin turning in his grave, is something we will look back on later and laaaauuuugggh!

    The incident was not in the UK I think I should add!

  2. jonbob says:

    My colleagues had a 999 call on New years eve to a man with ‘Willy pain’!

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