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Fiddling the Stats


Supposedly in charge

Some things never change. In the pursuit of Nu-Labour’s holy grail of response times, the East Of England Ambulance Service has been cooking the books.

Error in ambulance response times – Suffolk Evening Star

Dr Chris Carney admitted “an error of judgement” after his trust failed to adhere to government guidelines on how to record its response times.

Of course it’s not his fault:

The trust today said that the error happened at a time when its chief executive, Dr Chris Carney, was on sick leave

So that’s ok then. The real culprits will get away with it and no heads will roll. They’ve had an inquiry and the whole thing’s been swept under the carpet – like usual.

Maria Ball, chair of the new East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “The Trust Board is happy with the conclusions drawn by the inquiry and considers the matter closed.

Another white wash