Diagnosis? N.F.I.

Investigative Journalism


Not quite Watergate

The Sunday Express duo of James Murray and David Paul have been digging up more dirt on the ambulance service.

Our investigation reveals a catalogue of worrying cases we have uncovered in a public service which is now itself in need of emergency treatment. [my emphasis]

You can read the full article from the Sunday Express and revel in all the facts that Murray and Paul have uncovered. It’s amazing – all of these cases have been in the public domain this week.

Even more startling though is their conclusion is that I provide second class care. Never mind that I’m a paramedic of 10 years standing and an ECP to boot – that fact that I work as a solo response on a car means I’m just not up there with a double EMT crew.

“now it is feared that staff in the cars do not provide the best care at the scene and simply do not compare with two-crew teams.”

Well that says it all then – might as well not bother.