Loving Our Regulars

Can ya give me a lift home guv?

Anyone who’s done this job for a while will have string of ‘regulars‘; those callers who are forever requesting an ambulance for all sorts of ‘spurious’ ailments. They’re mostly a motley crew; alcoholics, druggies, personality disorders, depressives, people with mental health issues, etc. We know them; the hospitals know them; and perhaps, if we’re honest, we don’t treat them as well as we should. Of course some are a right pain-in-the-arse. One of our ‘regulars’ even has an ASBO for calling out the emergency services, particularly the ambulance, and then being verbally and physically abusive when we show up. Can’t say I’m sorry not to have her on the back of the bus any more. We also have another who’s been a ‘regular’ for over 15 years. He’s harmless; he’s an alcoholic, and a right pain-in-the butt to be sure but, when all’s said and done, he’s never been abusive; doesn’t swear, doesn’t lash out and just acts the ‘little lost boy’ when it’s all going wrong. Sometimes we take him in, sometimes we don’t. One thing we never do though is give him a lift home when he been ‘out-on-the-lash’: he’d catch on to that one pretty quickly.

It therefore came as some surprise to all of us on station to find out he was up on a charge of ‘assault’: and not just any old assault, an assault on an ambulance man no less? WTF? Are we talking about the same Harry? Surely not?

Seems we are; though the details are sketchy. A fairly new recruit, from another station – with a reputation for being a bit ‘full of himself’ – attended Harry for the first time. I guess if you don’t know him, Harry can seem a bit ‘odd’. Anyway the story goes that Newbie went into Harry’s house alone and found him sitting on the sofa (as he usually is when he’s at home. Goodness knows if he ever goes to bed). Newbie claims that Harry ‘feigned unconsciousness’ so he decided to stuff an OP airway down Harry’s throat. Next he claims he turned his back to get something out of his para-bag and Harry ‘thumped him one’. No witnesses; just his word against Harry’s. Harry told us later he couldn’t remember the incident. Newbie’s crew mate was out in the ambulance at the time and “knows nuffin’ “ and won’t get involved.

So Harry had to go to court. Whether this was a private prosecution or one ‘sponsored’ by the service we haven’t been able to find out. Newbie clammed up ‘good and proper’ when a colleague confronted him

And the result? Harry pleaded guilty! Why, oh why, oh why, did he have to do that? Just about every member of staff on the station said they’d have given a character reference in Harry’s defence if only they’d been asked. It’s been a real eye opener just how much we ‘love’ Harry. He might be a complete ‘waster’ but he’s our ‘waster’ so you lot leave him alone.

Needless to say Newbie is off everyone’s Christmas card list. We’re just waiting for him to f**k up big time: then we’re gonna take revenge on Harry’s behalf.


6 Responses to Loving Our Regulars

  1. Iain MacBain says:

    Worried that there is information that is not here. I’ve been assaulted by very timid, unassuming people before- fortunatly on video at A&E reception, which is completely out of charector for them. It’s never been serious but it happened.

    Is the bloke known for this sort of thing? If not he’sone of us; or is he not!

  2. eggbanjo says:

    Does seem strange that you would take the word of a known ‘time waster’ and therefore putting other peoples life’s at risk, rather than on of your own guys.

  3. eggbanjo says:

    does remind me slightly of those dog owners that say ‘he’s never bitten anyone before’ while its chewing its way through your leg.

  4. magwitch says:

    Eggbanjo. I take your point, maybe Harry did ‘thump him one’ however, like Iain, I’ve been thumped, sctratched, threatened and spat at many times over the years – nothing serious and I’ve never rushed to take someone to court over it. Newbie on the other hand is not well liked, as I said “a bit full of himself” and very aggressive with patients (seems to be a common theme with newbies at the moment). He was happily working for the rest of that shift, and the next and the next, without any sign of being in discomfort, so it can’t have been that bad. It was interesting that his colleague wouldn’t get involved.

    Newbie refused to say whether the service was behind the court case.
    I’ve known Harry for only 7 years, yes he’s a waster but he’s always been harmless. I’ve never had a problem nor have any old hands who’ve been out to him hundreds of times over the last 15 years – seems odd that Newbie can get him to react at first meeting. Plus it was in Harry’s home. Oddly he’s normally sober when at home, the call is usually for difficulty breathing, aka can’t find my asthma pump. I suspect that Harry got annoyed at having an OP airway stuffed down his throat and lashed out – I doubt he deliberately set out to assault Newbie.

  5. Iain MacBain says:

    I’ve noticed over the years that the type of newbie we get seems to depend on the particular class that their in as college. Some classes are great and come out realising that, really, they know nothing; others know it all.

    Guess who gets the help – and the back-up when it’s required. I’m all for confidence but arrogance just dont wash. If Newbie is aggressive maybe this isn’t the job for him so he’ll probably get promoted soon and dictate to you all how you should do your job.

    The fact his colleague wont get involved says a lot.

  6. Kingmagic says:

    Sounds like sooner or later the “newbie” will balls up big time.
    Only thing is I would not like to be the crewmate with him when he does!

    We all cover each other from time to time in this job, its the nature of the beast, but we also know who the ones are who keep running into trouble and try to avoid them.

    Quiet words in corners or peer pressure at station sometimes does not filter through their thick skinned, tunnel vision, “my way is right”, “I know it all” personas.

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