More on Meal Breaks

Have another cup of tea.

Meal breaks for ambulance crews are still hitting the news, and the blogsphere:

I posted about the meal break fiasco the other day. Tom Reynolds has, as always, posted an excellent article about the whole mess in London, while NeeNaw gives us his view of this nightmare from a dispatcher’s point of view in Tea Breaks Again. The popular press have been up in arms about the situation, led by last week’s edition of the Sunday Express.

Despite all the articles about this contentious issue I was, however, puzzled by one thing – Why didn’t this story get everyone steamed up last year?

Ambulance delay to death crash Pc

Pc Joe Carroll, 46, died from head injuries on 13 April when his patrol car left the A69 in Northumberland. An ambulance from nearby Hexham was not dispatched because the crew were on a meal break. A crew was sent from Prudhoe – 13 miles away.


4 Responses to More on Meal Breaks

  1. ecparamedic says:

    What is pissing me off with many of these reports and indeed some of the blog postings is that it’s as if the crews have had some sort of choice in answering the call.

    There were several news articles regarding the potential problem of unavailability during breaks which were largely ignored, probably because ‘it’ll never happen to me’, your average punter doesn’t give a stuff if something doesn’t damage/deprive them directly.


  2. A local says:

    Actually there was quite a fuss locally – it’s just that it’s not real news until it happens in the capital…

  3. nicenurse says:

    Of course if you are superhuman, why on earth would you need a break. The sooner we get robots to perform our job the better, I’m sure!

    Nicenurse x

  4. Iain MacBain says:

    Luckily, as half man half bear, I have sufficient subcutanious fat to see me through a 12 hour shift. I think the requirement for meal breaks is pittifull and that all staff should make sure that they are of sufucient girth to endure what is, afterall, only half a day – 50% more than your average worker has to endure – without food.

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