Nothing Much

Lazing around and doing nothing much

Well, it’s been a few days since I posted anything so thought I’d better put something up just incase anyone drops by.

I’ve had a few days off and, quite frankly, haven’t really got anything of interest to blog about. I had a successful day at the Daily Telegraph Adventure Travel Show. I was hoping to find two different holidays for this year, one a photographic course/adventure the other a trip abroad. In the end I found both in the same holiday and have spent a lot of time since, sorting out the little incidentals that are commensurate with foreign travel. I also thought it was high time I checked the handbook for my Canon EOS 350D and found out what some of those other dials and buttons are for. I usually just have it set to ‘manual‘ and use it as I did my old Pentax K1000 (one of the best fully manual cameras around and still my favourite – even if it is a bit clunky).

I also found another Hilary Mantel book down at the library. I’ve spent a few happy hours immersed in Beyond Black. A story about nothing much – so far – but Mantel’s use of language keeps me riveted; like reading poetry. Reminds me of the books by D.M. Thomas I read years ago.


There are some things that it’s acceptable to do when you’re single and one of my favourites is popping out to the cinema – I don’t go that often as so many films are of the “I’ll wait until it’s out on DVD” variety, though I end up missing out on the ‘big screen experience’. This year I thought I’d treat myself to an ‘unlimited’ card for my local cinema. It’s seems reasonable value, I only have to see 3 films a month and I’ve had my monies worth. It also means I can go and see all those films I would have waited for. So this week I’ve been out to see;

  • Apocolypto: not as grizzly as the press suggests – entertaining 4/5
  • Deja Vu: only coz I like Denzel Washington. Really two films stuck together. OK, but won’t be buying it on DVD 3/5
  • Night at the Museum: Jumanji part II. Lighthearted. Ricky Gervais is wasted (trying to recreate David Brent doesn’t work) Mickey Rooney and Bill Cobbs are wasted (they’re great and could have been used far more) 2/5
  • Miss Potter: Quintessentially English – maybe I’m turning into a sad, lonely old git but this was the best film by far; superb acting – by everyone, witty, great music and superb scenery (the Lakes). If this is the sort of production the UK Film Council is supporting then it’s money well spent in my view. 5/5 – see it

It’s back to work tomorrow – nights again- so perhaps something of interest will occur.


7 Responses to Nothing Much

  1. Merys Jones says:

    Go see Smoking Aces – very funny

  2. Iain MacBain says:

    I love going to the cinema on my own. But i’m single too. it’s not sad, is it?Mid day, when the cinema is almost empty is my time.

  3. Lucy says:

    Love a night at the pics and usually drag my mother to see two per visit as this gets round the how do you find enough time. We refer to ourselves as a pair of cheap dates as she has her OAP card and I perennially have a student card due to constantly being on courses but hey, when you consider the cost of the big screen experience it all adds up.

    I also must be going soft too as I loved the Miss Potter film and I dont think the fact the guy from Monarch of the Glen being in it influenced my decision one little bit. I gave up watching gory/horrible films years ago as I reckoned I got enough of that at work and they bored me like the time I fell asleep during Nightmare on Elm Street once I’d polished off the popcorn.

    My favourite bit of being at the cinema is listening out for the mug who cannot get into their bag of M&M’s and gives it one last almighty tug only to have most of the sweeties rattle their way down from the back to the front of the cinema.


  4. kingmagic says:

    I know what you mean about the cinema experience.
    Some films are best seen at the flicks.

    The three most outstanding films that I have seen at the local fleapit are “Zulu” (as a kid I was blown away by the whole film), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (again best seen on the big screen) and Blackhawk Down.

    I will remember these films always as I was lost in my own world during the screenings. It was only when the credits started rolling at the end that I realised where I was. Thats what cinemas can do, transport you into the story and make you believe that you are there. DVDs at home cant.

    Excellent idea about the “unlimited card”. I will check this out.

  5. Murphy says:

    We’ll look forward to some interesting and adventurous new pics from the 350D then.

  6. Tink says:

    There are *many* advantages to being single… particularly if you’ve dropped your pop corn down your top through too much giggling. Although if you go to the cinema with a mate, you can each buy different bags of sweeties, grab a couple of (empty) drinks cups & mix them up.

  7. Happystance says:

    Thanks for the recommendation about Miss Potter. I took my wife to see it and it has accrued many brownie points.

    Best – Tony

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