Diagnosis? N.F.I.

AMPDS – again!


Here we go again.

More 68 buses this morning: the first four jobs of the day were all category A ‘breathing difficulties’. That means a ‘response’ has to arrive at the location within 8 minutes.

As a prologue, let’s just remind ourselves of what a category A call is supposed to be. In a nutshell:

a condition (trauma or medical) which is immediately life-threatening within minutes of recognition and where rapid intervention and effective treatment by front-line ambulance staff will affect the outcome. [my emphasis]- From Review of Ambulance Performance Standards, July 1996

Or to put it another way – if we don’t get there ‘pronto‘ the patient is going to die.

Now that’s serious stuff so, in order to make sure we get it right, Control have the wonderful AMPDS system to triage our calls.

So, having hot-footed it to the addresses, what did I actually respond to this morning?

There you have it – 4 immediately life-threatening calls – apparently. 3 stayed at home and 1 re-attended ‘just to be sure‘. That’s how ‘good’ AMPDS is (falls off chair laughing), yet on a serious note, ambulance services across the UK are reconfiguring their entire fleets just to make sure they can tick the Nu-Labour box for ‘A’ cat calls like these. What an absolute nonsense and a complete abandonment of patient care.

But hold on to your hats – it will get worse, much worse, next April when the goalposts are moved!