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More Meal Break Madness


They’re at it again in Yorkshire.

Here we go again. More meal break madness and once again it’s the (Yorkshire Ambulance Service) in the spotlight.

The headlines, of course, are emotive and hysterical.

999 crew sacked in meal break rowBBC

Two ambulance paramedics in North Yorkshire have been sacked because they did not respond to a 999 call while on a meal break, the BBC has learned.

Appeal bid by paramedics sacked for not answering emergency callThe Northern Echo

The row over ambulance service meal breaks re-erupted last night after it emerged that two paramedics were sacked because they did not respond to a 999 call. The Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) said yesterday that the paramedics were not on a meal break at the time, but this was refuted by the GMB union.

I confess that I know nothing more about this case than what has been reported, however, I can’t believe that two long serving ambulance staff suddenly take it into their heads to refuse to response to an emergency. The whole fiasco does not appear to be as clear cut as the BBC report would have us believe. According to the GMB rep “They said they could not respond because one of the men felt sick.

My guess is this was a minor situation that got completely out of hand due to the overzealousness of some jumped-up local manager. He probably never bothered with a proper investigation but sacked the staff on the spot. Let’s not forget this is the service with the cowboy management, run by Simon Worthington, that issued termination notices to 400 staff 5 days before Christmas (see here) and then rescinded them 3 weeks later (see here).

Says everything you need to know about management competency in Yorkshire.