TLAs and Other Gibberish

Like all professions the ambulance world is riddled with TLAs and other incomprehensbile gibberish. This page provides some insight into what they mean. Some are 'normal' medical-speak others are unique to Magwitch and the ambulance service he works for.


CVA – cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
ECG – electrocardiogram (heart trace)
GTN – glyceryl trinitrate (spray for use under the tongue that helps relieve angina pain)
NIBP (non-invasive blood pressure)
LOB – load of bollox
MI – myocardial infarction (heart attack)
TIA – transient ischaemic attack (mini stroke – does what it says: it's transient)
TLA – three letter acronym
UTI – urinary track infection

Magwitch speak

Angry Bus – my friends who tend to get each other 'going'.
Bus – an ambulance
Doris – vehicle satellite tracking and information system (an obnoxious women with a penchant for unhelpful comments and bouts of petulant silence)
Gadget Bus – a couple of colleagues with more tools for the job than Thunderbirds.
Totty – slang term for young, eligible ladies.
Totty Bus – my favourite girls. They call themselves the Dotty Bus 'cause they say they're a couple of dizzy blondes. I think they're wonderful.
Wind-up Bus – my best mate and a real practical joker.


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